Public Pools

How do I Share a Message?

Press-n-Hold content when it’s centered in bubble. Option to Share message appears. User can share to any or all Contacts, Public Pool, or Private Pool, if it’s the user’s original message.

If you Press-n-Hold another user’s content, you may share from Public Pools only, not from 1-1s or Private pool threads.

Share Window displays all your 1-1 Contacts, Public and Private Pools, so that you may individually choose who to share the message with. Tap on desired Tabs to check the circle of individuals and pools you wish to share with, then Tap, “Done.”

Shared message displays on chosen thread’s bubbles, including your photo, along w/ photo of owner of message. If your sharing your own post, two profile photos of you will appear below the bubble, on lower left and right.

If it’s a shared message, you cannot share it, we only allow one share of content.

If you wish to share a shared message, Tap on user’s profile photo to go to their profile where you will see Public Pools they’ve created. Links take you to the pools to visit and/or join. To seek out private exchanges, use M and P, (Marco/Polo), buttons to send requests and confirmations.

What are attachment icons above and below bubble for?

Sometimes scrolling gets old. We’ve decided to try something new.

We wish to keep scrolling an option, with swipes up and down, but also provide tappable buttons, to tap in the same position, above and below the bubble, to give users a preview of what’s next and option to go back and review. so cruise up or down, same as scrolling, with a Tap, to enter the next content into the main bubble for viewing.

Attachment icons are on the left of text, if text is attached, above and below the bubble in pools, profiles, and 1-1’s. Simply tap the icon to view the next post.


How do I upload content?

Tap on message box and keyboard pops up. Displayed under the textbox are Icons for attachments.

Voice Recorded Message, up to 15 seconds, is Red Lips Icon. Music file is a Blue Note. (Only Droid users can upload music. iOS may listen). Photo Icon is a Silver Camera. Video Icon is a Gold Video Camera. Tap on Icon of choice and window to select photo, video, music file, or record your voice message appears.

Data is limited to 25mgs.

You may include a brief text message with your attachment. Tap, “Send”, when done.

Upload to your profile, 1-1 connections, public and private pools.

How do I edit Public Pool profile?

Access Pool Slide-over Menu with a Swipe left on screen, when in a pool or 1-1 text thread. Window slides over.

Tap on Public Pool Icon.

List of Public Pool Tabs displays, most recently used to last used.

Press-n-Hold on desired Tab, and Admin and members Tabs drop down.

Press-n-Hold a second time takes users to the profile of that Public Pool. Only the Admin can edit the profile. (Non-Admins will see whatever content the Admin has shared from posts in their created pool, the “post to profile” share functioning, allows Admins to share select posts within their pool, for all to see).

Place the photo or main message you wish to edit in the bubble. Press-n-Hold gives user photo upload or keyboard to edit text. Re-enter new text, or take a photo, or choose new photo, for pool and change is immediate for all.


How do I Delete a Pool?

Tap on Pools Icon or Contacts Icon in Header.

Swipe left to view Pools Slide-over Menu.

Tap on Icon of Public or Private Pool, a list of pools’ Tabs will appear.

Swipe left on undesired Tab to see Delete Box, for iOS devices. Double-tap on Androids to get option to delete pool.

Tap on, “Delete.” Tap, “Yes,” to confirm delete.

You may rejoin a Public Pool at any time. P for Polo will be illuminated for you to rejoin, if desired.

Can I delete Public Pool members?

Only Admin can delete a member of their Public or Private Pool.

Please remember, there are all types, and everyone’s doing the best they can, a product of a harsh environment, social injustice, inequality, and unique conditions, so before you delete them for an offensive comment, we urge you to state your opinion in a civil manner, help them rather than banish them, thank them for their thoughts, even if adversarial, and keep the 1st amendment in mind as you share thoughts on a public blog platform, but as usual, the choice is yours.

When in any Public Pool, swipe left to get Pool Slide-over Menu.

Tap on Public Pool Icon.

Press-n-Hold Tab of Public Pool desired.

Admin and pool members appear below the Private Pool Tab. Scroll down to find your banished offender.

Swipe left on Tab of member you wish to exile, on iOS device. Tap, “Delete” button. Tap, “Yes” to confirm delete. Press-n-Hold Tab, on Android devices to follow same prompts to delete member.

(Also, don’t forget, you can Block a user, as well as Report them, and we’ll review and take action if necessary. If a member of your Public Pool is offensive, you can Block them or Delete them from pool. To Block a user, Press-n-Hold on content in question, and Tap Block).

How can I view members of a Public Pool?

When in a pool or 1-1, swipe left to view Pool Slide-over Menu.

Tap on Private or Public Pool Icon. List of Tabs will appear of user’s public and private pools.

Press-n-Hold desired pool Tab, and all members’ Tabs drop down in view. The Tab on top, just below the pool Tab, is Admin of the pool, all other Tabs are members who have most recently uploaded content in pool, to least active member.

(Tap on individual member Tab takes user to profile of individual tapped).


What is Trending Today?

Trending Today is a Public Pool where the most admired, currently celebrated, notable, and notorious messages that come from Public Pools, appear.

Members have option of Splashing content in any Public Pool message, as a way of saying, “I like this.” Those Splashes are counted by us and set in order of most Splashes, so members can view one an-others most popular, freshly trending posts.

Why can’t I see the number of Splashes on posts in Public Pools?

What if you get 9,000 Splashes and Sally only got 4?

Do we need to compare that closely? We show the number of replies on our Beachball Icon up to 9+, but not Splash counts.

We don’t manipulate the order… that would be boring.

What’s Beachball button for?

The Beachball button, located under posts inside bubbles, are users way of replying directly to that specific post.

Tap on Beachball below posts to reply to that message, or read replies to that message or attachment. A count is displayed on Beachball Icon, up to 9+.

Tap Beachball to go to @you page for that post, to read and respond to the reply.

Swipe right to go back to previous page, or Tap, “Back” on Header to go back.

What’s a hanging beachball mean?

A Beachball hanging under your mini-header indicates that another user has replied directly to one of your posts, in this pool.

Tap Beachball, and a new page loads, to view all of your @you messages on this pool.

Beachball disappears from the top of that Public Pool, after you’ve gone to @you page, and direct replies have been viewed.

What’s the Splash button for?

Tap on Splash button above content in a bubble to say you appreciate a message in a Public Pool.

Splash count drives order of most popular per 24 hours, displayed in Public Pool, Trending Today.

You may only Splash a post once, as one Splash per post assures genuine results.

What are Public Pools?

Public Pools are open-forum discussions on any topic… sports, movies, music, fan clubs, colleges, bands, topics, debates, politics, philosophy, activities, hobbies, crafts, groups, subjects, ideas, anything under the sun expect porn, to browse and chat.

Member’s comments are shown in a bubble, with limited characters unless Tapped to maximize, designed to urge users to form concise statements.

A Splash button hangs above posts. Tap if you appreciate the post. Splashes are counted and most splashed content goes to a Public Pool, Trending Today.

A Beach Ball button appears below posts. Tap to reply directly to that member.

Member Photo and Username quickly refreshes in the bubble as you scroll, to emphasize ownership of posts, remarks, and comments.

Share your thoughts and get recognized.

How do I block a user?

Press-n-hold on offensive content in bubble and a pop-up appears with options to Share/Block/Report.

Tap on Block user and their content will be hidden from your view. They’ll be unable to get your profile on a user search, or view your profile, and won’t see your content posted in Public Pools.

Why can’t I post in Trending Today?

Who do you think you are, Bill Shakespeare?

Trending Today messages have been Splashed to their relevant elevation by members, within the last 24 hours, via the Splash button above content in a pool bubble.

Members tap on our Splash button, as a way of saying they appreciate the post, and the most Splashed content is viewable for all in our Trending Today, Public Pool.


What’s the deal with the Public Pool Profile Page?

When in your slide-over menu for pools, tap into Public Pools.

Press-n-hold a Tab to see a pop-down list revealing Admin’s Tab, above all members’ Tabs, belonging to that pool.

Press-n-hold the Tab again, a second time, and user gets the Profile page of that Public Pool. It’s a hidden gem.

Only the Admin of that Public Pool can add to pool profile, from content uploaded in the pool. Visit the Public Pool Profile Page to view the subject material, the creme of the crop, as far as the Admin of the pool, sees it.



Can I be deleted from a Public Pool?

Yes. So don’t be a jerk. We can disagree whole-heartedly and share opposing thoughts without being jerks.

Only Admins of Public Pools may delete a member.

Other members of a Public Pool, (non-Admins), can block users, but not delete users from pools.


What happens if I delete a Public Pool?

If you’d like to delete a Public Pool you’ve created, you may.

All members who have joined will lose the pool.

Pool will be removed from your Public Pool Menu, from the Tabs, and the message of pool creation will be removed from your profile page.

You can always re-create it.

Why can’t I see the number of Splashes on posts?

It’s not a popularity contest… even though we’re counting the most popular posts for Trending Today Public Pool.

There’s not much real estate on the screen of that phone you’re holding, what if your most recent epiphany posted to one of your Public Pools, that got splashed enough times to make it into Trending Today list, has been splashed 247,876,942 times? That’s a big, red bubble. We could do 9+ in the red circle, like replies, but it’s not a specific count, it could be 10, it could be 42,010, so we decided not to show a count.

If it’s hot business, it’ll make Trending Today, if not, keep trying.