How do I Share a Message?

Press-n-Hold content when it’s centered in bubble. Option to Share message appears. User can share to any or all Contacts, Public Pool, or Private Pool, if it’s the user’s original message.

If you Press-n-Hold another user’s content, you may share from Public Pools only, not from 1-1s or Private pool threads.

Share Window displays all your 1-1 Contacts, Public and Private Pools, so that you may individually choose who to share the message with. Tap on desired Tabs to check the circle of individuals and pools you wish to share with, then Tap, “Done.”

Shared message displays on chosen thread’s bubbles, including your photo, along w/ photo of owner of message. If your sharing your own post, two profile photos of you will appear below the bubble, on lower left and right.

If it’s a shared message, you cannot share it, we only allow one share of content.

If you wish to share a shared message, Tap on user’s profile photo to go to their profile where you will see Public Pools they’ve created. Links take you to the pools to visit and/or join. To seek out private exchanges, use M and P, (Marco/Polo), buttons to send requests and confirmations.

How do I upload content?

Tap on message box and keyboard pops up. Displayed under the textbox are Icons for attachments.

Voice Recorded Message, up to 15 seconds, is Red Lips Icon. Music file is a Blue Note. (Only Droid users can upload music. iOS may listen). Photo Icon is a Silver Camera. Video Icon is a Gold Video Camera. Tap on Icon of choice and window to select photo, video, music file, or record your voice message appears.

Data is limited to 25mgs.

You may include a brief text message with your attachment. Tap, “Send”, when done.

Upload to your profile, 1-1 connections, public and private pools.

How do I edit my profile?

To change or edit your Primary Profile Photo or Secondary Photo, or main text message, or colored category, seen on your Tab:

Tap on Profile Photo, center Icon in Header.

Scroll until the photo, primary or secondary Tab photo, or main message is inside the bubble.

Press and Hold photo or text, while in bubble to get action screen to take or choose a new photo to upload, or edit current photo, or get your keyboard to edit your main message seen on Tabs.

Upload Photo or send text and your edited Tab is atop of your community scroll.

Tap on colored background in profile and list of categories slides over to choose from. New color is represented on your profile and Tab background.

What can I do with my Profile?

We suggest you showcase your thoughts, sayings, quotes, photos, songs, videos, and voice-recorded messages, to represent who you are and describe your story, so when others visit your profile, they get a core, primo, optimum look at you.

Otherwise, we hope your activity is out in public, with the community, in public pools, sharing your thoughts with everyone.

You can change your category anytime and the colored background on your profile page will change accordingly, as well as your Tab.

You can send posts from pools directly and easily to your profile page, with a Press-n-Hold on the post, then select “Post to Profile.”

Public Pools you create spawn a message on your profile, exhibiting the pool as a link for other members to jump into.

Who sees my profile?

You can block and report other members if you wish, and their content will be hidden from you, but you cannot choose who sees your Tab and Profile Page, it’s public, everyone does.

You can’t remove yourself from search function, or adjust settings to pick and choose who sees your profile.

Why don’t you have followers functionality?

Perhaps in Version 2, if demanded by members, we’ll enhance our app to include Follower functionality.

If you view content by a user you wish to follow, you can tap the user profile photo to go to their profile. In user’s profile, you can see Public Pools created by them. A button tap takes you directly to it, with the option to join, via P for Polo upper-right in Header, without waiting on Admin approval, saving the pool to your menu list.

If you want to connect, Tap M for Marco, upper-right in Header, when in their profile, and a friend request is sent to them. If they accept, a P for Polo, awaits you in your Pool Slide-over Menu category of Polos, and you’re in each other’s Contact lists and can invite each other into Private Pools.


What can I add to my profile?

You can add text messages, photos, videos, music files, and voice recorded messages on Android devices and all but music files on iOS devices.

(Apple disallows music file uploads from their devices. You can listen to Droid users music uploads, but not upload yourself, on iOS).



Why are Public Pools I created shown on my Profile Page?

Members who visit your profile can further see what you’re about, beyond photos, songs, videos, and text, by viewing Public Pools you’ve created. This post provides them with a link to the Public Pool, to view and choose to comment, and join, adding pool to menu list.

Notification of a Public Pool created automatically appears on your profile page, and cannot be deleted from your profile page unless you, the Admin of that public pool, delete the pool. Then, it’s removed from your profile page, and all members who joined the pool, lose it.

Why can’t I post comments on other member’s profiles?

Profile pages are designed to showcase a member’s best stuff; photos, sayings, videos, thoughts, songs, so when members visit your profile page, they see the core of who you are, free from outside influence or comments.

Otherwise, we want you out of your profile, visiting community pools, sharing your unique views, thoughts, and beliefs with everyone, instead of obsessing over your amazing selfies.