Private Pools

How do I Share a Message?

Press-n-Hold content when it’s centered in bubble. Option to Share message appears. User can share to any or all Contacts, Public Pool, or Private Pool, if it’s the user’s original message.

If you Press-n-Hold another user’s content, you may share from Public Pools only, not from 1-1s or Private pool threads.

Share Window displays all your 1-1 Contacts, Public and Private Pools, so that you may individually choose who to share the message with. Tap on desired Tabs to check the circle of individuals and pools you wish to share with, then Tap, “Done.”

Shared message displays on chosen thread’s bubbles, including your photo, along w/ photo of owner of message. If your sharing your own post, two profile photos of you will appear below the bubble, on lower left and right.

If it’s a shared message, you cannot share it, we only allow one share of content.

If you wish to share a shared message, Tap on user’s profile photo to go to their profile where you will see Public Pools they’ve created. Links take you to the pools to visit and/or join. To seek out private exchanges, use M and P, (Marco/Polo), buttons to send requests and confirmations.

What are attachment icons above and below bubble for?

Sometimes scrolling gets old. We’ve decided to try something new.

We wish to keep scrolling an option, with swipes up and down, but also provide tappable buttons, to tap in the same position, above and below the bubble, to give users a preview of what’s next and option to go back and review. so cruise up or down, same as scrolling, with a Tap, to enter the next content into the main bubble for viewing.

Attachment icons are on the left of text, if text is attached, above and below the bubble in pools, profiles, and 1-1’s. Simply tap the icon to view the next post.


How do I upload content?

Tap on message box and keyboard pops up. Displayed under the textbox are Icons for attachments.

Voice Recorded Message, up to 15 seconds, is Red Lips Icon. Music file is a Blue Note. (Only Droid users can upload music. iOS may listen). Photo Icon is a Silver Camera. Video Icon is a Gold Video Camera. Tap on Icon of choice and window to select photo, video, music file, or record your voice message appears.

Data is limited to 25mgs.

You may include a brief text message with your attachment. Tap, “Send”, when done.

Upload to your profile, 1-1 connections, public and private pools.

How do I Delete a Pool?

Tap on Pools Icon or Contacts Icon in Header.

Swipe left to view Pools Slide-over Menu.

Tap on Icon of Public or Private Pool, a list of pools’ Tabs will appear.

Swipe left on undesired Tab to see Delete Box, for iOS devices. Double-tap on Androids to get option to delete pool.

Tap on, “Delete.” Tap, “Yes,” to confirm delete.

You may rejoin a Public Pool at any time. P for Polo will be illuminated for you to rejoin, if desired.

How do I invite Contacts into a Private Pool?

When you create a Private Pool, a share window pops up with your Contact list of friends on Splash. Select who you’d like to invite into the group text, any and all. Selections then are automatically in. The Tab will be in their lists of Private Pools.

If you’ve already created the pool and wish to invite more connections:

Tap Pool or Contacts Icon, (single blue figure), on right side of Header.

Swipe left to view Pool Slide-over Menu.

Tap Private Pool Icon. Tabs will appear of your Private Pools.

Press-n-Hold Private Pool Tab desired.

Admin and member’s Tabs appear below Private Pool Tab.

Tap Share Button, (Golden Arrow), on Private Pool Tab to get Connections List to invite more contacts into pool.

Can I delete members of a Private Pool?

Only Admin of a Private Pool can delete members.

No other Private Pool members can delete anyone other than themselves.

When in any Private Pool, swipe left to get Pool Slide-over Menu.

Tap on Private Pool Icon.

Press-n-Hold Tab of Private Pool desired.

Admin and pool members appear below the Private Pool Tab.

Swipe left on Tab of member you wish to delete, for iOS devices, Press-n-Hold Tab on Android devices. Tap “Delete” button. Tap “Yes” to confirm delete.

What are Private Pools?

Same as Public Pools, except you have to be invited by a Contact. It’s a group messaging thread, amongst your Splash Contacts.

You can be added to any Private Pool, by that Admin, if you’re Contacts, in their connections list. You can add any of your Contacts into a Private Pool you create.

User has choice to delete pool, but are automatically invited in.

Members invited in may not be contacts with each other. Other members in Private Pool, other than Admin, cannot add members themselves to the Private Pool.

Who can I invite into Private Pools?

Connections/Friends, in your contact list, via Marco/Polo button request and confirmations, can be included in Private Pools by Admin.

They do not have to be connections with each other to be invited into same Private Pool.

Contact list appears during Private Pool creation, and any or all can be invited in.

Contacts will see a Polo in their menu of Private Pools, signifying that they’ve been added to a new pool, and can join in to message or delete the pool at that moment.